Use of Cannabis in Sweden

In Sweden, doctors will be able to prescribe the use of ‘cannabis’ for medicinal purposes.

According to the Swedish Television, the State Medicines Agency has given ‘two’ to two patients for this purpose. “This will not change the world, but it will change the world for a handful of people,” says Dr. Claes Hultling, SVT speaking. This is the first time in Sweden. Patients may take cannabis from their pharmacy by prescription by their doctor for use in medicine. Cannabis may be given illness in order to relieve pain and alleviate regret. Anders Thorn, who trained cannabis for cannabis use at home last year, has been punished by the Supreme Court for drug offense.

Anders Thorn, State Drug Agency’s decision to find it quite positive, “People do not believe. We fought for a year and a half this job. Now I can really relax and I can get rid of my sorrows and come back to my daily life again “. Karl Mikael K√§lkner, who writes reports on clinical medicines in the State Drug Administration, says the event is positive but it can not be generalized and this situation will be kept very limited.

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