South Korea for Vacation?

Summer is over, Sweden is quite chilly already, it even started to snow in some areas. It is the perfect time to plan your next summer vacation to benefit from the early special deals. Although I will mention my favorite place from last summer in this blog post, you can find more beach ideas from

Many of you have already seen the beautiful beaches in Europe, but have you seen the beaches in South Korea?

South Korea is surrounded by water on three sides, it would be surprising to not find a beautiful beach in there. South Korea is hosting beaches in many sizes and shapes, offering a pleasant escape from everyday life. Korean beaches officially open in June and July and close at the end of August. So there are only a few months to spend time in these beautiful beaches. Therefore, it is beneficial to book early. I have compiled the beaches of South Korea that you will not regret going to you.

Myeongsashimni Beach

The 4 km long white sandy Myeongsashimni Beach in Shinji-do Island is the most peaceful place to sunbathe and swim in South Korea. The water starts to warm up in June and is warm until the end of October. The busiest area of the coast is the western side. At the same time, camping facilities are available on the beach. It is safe to swim until 50 meters away from the beach.

Haeundae Beach

The Haeundae Beach in Busan is probably the most popular beach in South Korea. The beach is very popular with festivals, bars, restaurants and clubs throughout the year. The coast is also a place to watch the sun rise and wonderful landscapes.

Seonyu-do Beach

Located in Gunsan, Seonyu-do Beach is a popular destination for weekend getaways. The crescent-shaped beach is as popular as the “Sunrise Peak” in Jangja-do and offers bicycle, scooter and motorbike rental on the beach. At the same time, depending on the season, there are ferry services between 3 and 12 between the islands during the day. The only option for accommodation is to camp on the beach. Fog and steep slopes are quite common in the island. It will always be better to go with the shoes that fit these conditions.

Manseong-ri beach

You should definitely visit the Manseong-ri beach with black sand, which is believed to be good for skin problems and diseases. To go to the plaza in the north-east of Yeosu, you have to pass through Marae 2, Korea’s longest and natural rock tunnel. If you happen to go to Yeosu, which hosted the World Fair in 2014, you should definitely visit the Manseong-ri beach which is only 10 minutes’ drive away.