In Sweden, doctors will be able to prescribe the use of ‘cannabis’ for medicinal purposes. According to the Swedish Television, the State Medicines Agency has given ‘two’ to two patients for this purpose. “This will not change the world, but it will change the world for a handful of people,” says Dr. Claes Hultling, SVT […]

Barriers, whether financial or emotional, often stop many of us from indulging in our wanderlust. No one should live a life without travel. Make it a priority to save money, or volunteer, so that you can see more than just your backyard. As you save, let your home become your gateway to foreign lands. Here […]

Summer is over, Sweden is quite chilly already, it even started to snow in some areas. It is the perfect time to plan your next summer vacation to benefit from the early special deals. Although I will mention my favorite place from last summer in this blog post, you can find more beach ideas from

The population of Sweden is slightly over 9 million. Most of the population lives in the south coast of the southern part of the country. The reason for this is the cold weather in the northern part of Sweden. Sweden is an expensive country. Especially if you have a limited budget. If young people want […]