8 Ways to Bring the Traveling Experience into Daily Life

Barriers, whether financial or emotional, often stop many of us from indulging in our wanderlust. No one should live a life without travel. Make it a priority to save money, or volunteer, so that you can see more than just your backyard. As you save, let your home become your gateway to foreign lands. Here are some creative and practical ways to experience the educational and mood boosting benefits of traveling, without leaving your home country.

Join Meetup Groups

Create your own meetup group or use Meetup.com to find local cultural based meetup groups. Many of these clubs host weekly outings to different museums, cultural events, and presentations. These groups connect you with people who share your love of traveling and learning.

Make a Pen Pal

Get a pen pal to learn more about different cultures and to practice communicating in a foreign language. Simply visit sites like PenPal World to create an account, and then start talking to people all over the world. For those seeking a more traditional pen pal correspondence, ask a language professor to help you find someone who would want to send and receive letters through postal services.

Watch Foreign Movies

Look for foreign films being played at your local independent or arthouse theaters. For an even wider selection, use streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video, or Hulu Plus. Have a foreign movie marathon on the weekend, or watch one new foreign film every week.

Start a Travel Journal

Fill a travel journal with entries about places that you have visited. Discuss what made these locations unique, something you loved and hated about each place, and why or why wouldn’t you want to make a return visit. Use the journal to reflect on your travels.

Next, add pages about the places that you want to travel, and then explain why those locations are important to you. Leave room in between these pages to add more details once you visit them. Let this section inspire and motivate you to visit your travel wishlist.

Read Travel Blogs

Read travel blogs that offer useful tips as well as firsthand account traveling stories. These blogs will connect you better with the location, and help you navigate the complex world of traveling. Follow Instagram pages with beautiful visuals: The pictures make these foreign countries more lively and obtainable.

Transform Room into a New Land

Motivate yourself by decorating your bedroom with pictures and posters. Buy a huge map, and add tacks or stickers to it every time you visit a new location. Use Vistaprint’s services to create posters of some of your favorite pictures of different locations. Both the map and posters create a vibrant vision board of your traveling goals. Use Groupon Vistaprint discount codes; they will help you keep your finances on track so that your dream of traveling becomes a reality.

Take a Restaurant Tour

Go on a tour of the local ethnic restaurants in your area. Make a goal to visit as many as possible; ask questions to learn about the story behind the cuisine and restaurant.

Once in awhile attempt to cook your own version of these new restaurant dishes. It gives you more of an appreciation for the process behind the food.

Play Music

Research the traditional music played at various foreign countries. Download a few of the popular songs, and then let the music teleport you to a foreign country.