Living in Sweden

The population of Sweden is slightly over 9 million. Most of the population lives in the south coast of the southern part of the country. The reason for this is the cold weather in the northern part of Sweden.

Sweden is an expensive country. Especially if you have a limited budget. If young people want to visit, there are hostels so they can stay in hostels. They can use very convenient ferries trains by taking Interrail tickets. Not only in Europe but also in Sweden, they can make a holiday at a more affordable price, but when you go to restaurants, especially in a big city like Stockholm, prices are high. The price starts at 20 euros.

In some places, such as Stockholm and Götenberg, student accommodation is difficult to find and there is student room restriction. Since prices in the private sector can be high, it is useful to investigate this beforehand. You can ask for help from the student affairs department. Some websites, such as the website of the Swedish Student Accomodation Association, help you find accommodation in Sweden’s major cities. Check out this website for more information.